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ОЦЕНКА 7,5 / 10

Well, I think that an album title like this one can work as a fine clue for the band’s general approach and music style! You got it right! This is modern metal music, which means that if you don’t like keyboards or industrial sounds, you should stop here and look someplace else.

If, on the other hand, you are into metal being mixed with modern elements, then “Destination Cybermind” could be one of the best choices you have at the moment. This band from Belarus has been around since 2002, which means they have experience and they’ve had the time to bond as a band and find their own path in the music world. About four years after their debut album, “Plazmadkaos”, and after a few demos and EPs, the band makes its comeback with their sophomore work titled “Destination Cybermind” showcasing to us a fine blend of blackened death metal with industrial and nu-metal music. Most bands which play like that, though, tend to be all about intensity, aggressiveness and fastness and forget everything else. ID:VISION aren’t like that… They have it all and they enrich their music with lots of melodic lines, beautiful keyboard parts and sometimes with some dark gothic atmospheres and with even some more old school heavy metal parts. The vocals are mainly growls, but this doesn’t mean you won’t have the chance to listen to some good clean ones, too. The tempos are fast for the most part with blast beats, with some more mid paced parts in some songs to add to the variety of the end result, which is also enhanced with some progressive cuts and passages. All in all, this is an album that has plurality and uses a variety of means to create a really impressive and rather unique outcome. So, things are simple… if you are into industrial death/black metal, then ID:VISION are highly recommended!

P.S. The artwork is also extremely beautiful and the booklet is very well worked!

Christine Parastatidou

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